Guys: Wow your woman with your bedroom

Posted by Ria, 17 Sep

Women generally have a special touch when it comes to decorating a home. Paintings, throw pillows, vases and flowers are things most guys know nothing about. But, that is no reason why guys can't take control and make their home cool, comfortable and stylish. While your girlfriend may not be saying anything about your sports banners and silly posters, she is certainly thinking about it and telling her friends. Here are a few easy ways you can update your space, and make it more appealing to guests, family and friends.

Look Your Age

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Think about it: What impression do you want to make on people that come into your home? Do you want guests to see you as an immature slob or an interesting man? If you're in your 20s or 30s, you can have a youthful home that shows your personality without giving off the wrong impression.

You're no longer a teenager. Women don't want to see posters of naked women, an overload of sports banners or the bong you left on your coffee table. You don't have to hide your love for your favorite sports team, just limit how much it is around or the quality of cheap memorabilia. A touch of the team here or there is fine, just take down the banners, posters and beer endorsements.

Clean up. Show you don't need mom to pick up after you. If you live on your own, you should clean on your own. Vacuuming takes five minutes and will make a huge difference. Walking into a bedroom with filthy carpets is not a place a woman wants to stay. Dust off surfaces and take out the trash as well.

Add Some Flair

There are plenty of easy ways to update the look of your room. Be sure to find your style and stay authentic when updating.

  • Put up some photos. Take an empty shelf or blank wall space and use it as an opportunity to show what matters to you. Photos of friends, family, and personal adventures are a great way to add character and personalize your room.
  • Buy a bed frame. There is something unappealing for a woman about walking into a bedroom with a mattress on the floor. Bed frames are not outrageously expensive either. You can find one on Craigslist or purchase one from a mattress store.
  • Put out some candles. Don't rule this one out because it sounds feminine. Adding a candle or two will give the room a romantic and relaxing atmosphere when you want it. You don't have to buy fruity, hot pink candles - go for subtle scents or scentless candles for special occasions.
  • Get a plant. Adding a plant to a room is an easy way to add color and life to a room. You don't need to get a plant that needs a lot of care either. Go for a low maintenance one like a bamboo plant, pots of little cacti, succulents or a glass terrarium. All of these options require little water and care on your end.

Update Your Life

Decorating does not have to be scary, time consuming or overly feminine. You can easily add personality and character to a space without going crazy. Plus, your lady will be impressed when she walks into a bedroom that is clean and says something about you.

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