High school sweethearts going strong in interracial love

Posted by Ria, 31 Jan

strong interracial loveIts couples like Cuba Gooding and Sarah Gooding that make those of us in interracial relationships keep believing that no matter what people say about how shaky interracial relationships - especially those involving celebrities - are in terms of their shelf life.

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Look at these two: They were high school sweet hearts way back in 1986 and lived together for seven years before tying the knot in 1994. Together they have three children. Amidst all that media attention, this is a couple that hasn't crumbled under it.

If only someone could guarantee me a lifetime of such love and commitment! Now this is what interracial love should be all about. And this is what I wish all interracial couples who meet on this interracial dating website.

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  1.   VaDared2 says:
    Posted: 04 Jul 12

    I wish ALL married couples could remain together, strong, unmovable and happy no matter the race.

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  2. Posted: 05 Feb 12

    Excellent couple! Going strong Sara Gooding, You have a WINNER & a KEEPER. Most girls wish they were lucky as you. For those isn't or haven't maded a caught, I say to you, Hang on in there BABY! The best is yet to come!!!

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