Honey Maid responds to anti-gay & anti-interracial backlash positively

Posted by Ria, 08 Apr

The Honey Maid advert released last month wasn’t received well by many because they featured gay and interracial families. The social media criticism they received was off the hook… which wasn’t such a surprise given the media backlash that the Cheerios ad received last year for having an interracial family in the ad.

One thing I am loving about the company is what they did after the negative tweets and comments: They released a video that makes all the negativity seem like a drop in the ocean… the ocean of love. See they hired a couple of artists to create the word LOVE from all the negative tweets then surrounded them will all the positive tweets they got. And what came out was amazing: Ten times more positive responses surrounding the negative responses.

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It’s an amazing work of art. And the underlying message: LOVE. You gotta watch this… You gotta LOVE this... Truly WHOLESOME!!!!

In case you missed the Honey Maid ad that caused all that social media hate, watch below:

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  1.   dont_know says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 14

    Heartbreaking...listening to those kids and watching those videos brings me to tears. I hope i live long enough for all those wonderful kids to grow into adults to live in a world like the one, as they see it and be surrounded by them instead of what still seems to be so prevalent to this day. Just because something has been made against the law doesn't mean people don't continue to do it privately and even openly, just look at illegal drug use. It doesn't necessarily go down the abusers just get more clever and careful about hiding it and it continues. Racism is like that - still there, but just better hidden. I truly can't wait for these young saplings to overgrow the forest some day. It gives me hope. Thank you, all of you, for that.

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