How to be Successful in Monogamous Relationships.

Posted by Ria, 28 May


Is a monogamous relationship for you?

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In this day and age, monogamy is quite a mysterious and puzzling and subject. However, there exist many successful relationships involving people having passionate interactions, of whatever kind, with people other than their primary partner.

Many people find the whole idea difficult to believe in. This is mostly based on their personal experiences. However, people have good reason for their lack of faith in monogamy. If you are interested in actually maintaining a monogamous relationship, it’s important to read this thoroughly.

Choose Your Partner Carefully

If you want to feel inspired to stay committed in your relationship, you need to find a person who inspires you, shares your sense of humor and adventure, and turns your body, mind and heart on in a variety of ways. This should be the person who you want to leave the party with again and again.

This may take time and several false starts. If you start out comparing your partner to others and wishing your partner was different in this way or that way, you may eventually find yourself just wishing for a different partner altogether.

The sex factor.

There's no arguing that cheating is wrong. A legitimate worry is being betrayed or “losing” your partner to someone else. The point is that the idea of monogamy is ingrained far deeper into our society than you may realize. Assessing factors such as jealousy, passion, trust, and general satisfaction, it is evident that monogamous relationships can be successful.

Be with someone you are sexually and emotionally insync with. With the right kind of person and commitment, you can easily be faithful.

Do it for yourself

You can't do monogamy to impress other people. Not even for your parents or your friends or your partner. You have to decide that this is what you want, for you. Identify your own reasons for wanting monogamy in your life. Maybe, for you, it's a spiritual choice or you value loyalty. You probably see commitment as a path to personal growth; or you want to see what can happen if you focus your romantic energy on one person.

Whatever your reasons, for long-term monogamy success, it's crucial to take responsibility for your choice and to let go of any resentments about other people "making" you do it. Monogamy is not the only choice. If you choose it, it because you want to do it.

You should put a ring on It

A mindset of commitment matters greatly. The assumption that marriage will last a lifetime (i.e., automatic commitment to push through the icky parts together) are in the top three aspects of relationships that last 15 years or more. “Marriage as a long-term commitment,” is one of the top reasons men and women give for their successful 15-plus-year marriages.

Whether you're searching for a partner or you've found someone but are wondering how to keep it going into the future, think about these traits. You can develop them, and they will help to have a strong foundation for the evolving adventure that is monogamous love between two people.

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