If you never knew why you really should update that profile …

Posted by Ria, 30 Nov

update online profileEven with such high numbers of online daters, according to Scott Valdez, head of one of the companies associated with online dating, 97% of the men registered on online dating sites give up on the online dating game after just 3 months; in his words: "They quit before figuring it out" leaving 3% reaping all the results. (And that is just men!)

In an article "The Algorithm Method", Valdez gives us the main reason you'd really want to update your profile regularly – Gaming the System. The thing is, every-time you update your written profile, your profile reappears on the page that matters most. And this is the first page of other members search pages. Its like, its treated as this fresh new profile on the block – works kinda like Google search.

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See what you want is for people to look at your online profile because this raises your chances. So with every update, you are guaranteed that a fresher set of eyes will come across it; someone else who looked at it previously might realize they overlooked something and give you a shot after all. So updating your profile gives your profile the attention it requires to get you results.

Put up a picture of you doing something interesting as opposed to one of you just looking into camera. Another advice is to tell a catchy story on your profile (about 3 lines) of something that makes you the person you are; something that can make someone want to look for more where that came from. This is the example given in the article by Kate Houston who runs a profile writing service:

"When I was a boy, I picked up the trumpet and played Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World.' It made my mom cry. I was that bad. Today I play trumpet for a living." With such an opening line, I’d want to date you too.

OMG! LOL! “U R” … However tempting this shorthand may be, lay off it. You don’t want it on your profile because it shows how not serious you are.

So don’t be amongst those that give up. Instead give your profile a fresh lease of the online dating life whenever you feel you are about to give up.

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  1.   nika23 says:
    Posted: 13 Jun 12

    Hmmmm, I just put my profile as private because I wasn't getting much results, but maybe I'll give it another chance. I definitely agree with the OMG and LOL and especially the UR for you're. It drives me crazy to see that in a profile. It can make reading it much more difficult, besides not everyone knows what they mean. It's the same with people who write in slang, not everyone uderstands so you just alienated a huge group, but maybe they're looking for people who speak like them anyway, so I don't know.

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