Infidelity: Love vs respect

Posted by Ria, 31 Aug

infidelity in relationshipsMost people believe that when a person has an affair, they have fallen out of love. Not necessarily so. However, if both of you had signed up for a monogamous relationship, then cheating does mean one thing for sure … the cheating spouse has NO RESPECT for the relationship!

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If you ever found yourself in such a position, what would you rather deal with... Knowing a person cheated because they fell out of love or that they are still in love with you but cheated anyways? Would you sacrifice respect for love?

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  1.   Chriss89 says:
    Posted: 11 Sep 10

    I've read in countless places that there's a bit of a misconception about people who cheat: only a small percentage of the time was it a completely compulsive move with no strings attached. Many affairs, especially ones from married couples, usually start out emotional and then become physical, and there's usually a lot building up to it in the beginning. In my opinion...I don't really know. If I were married I could see where the hard decision comes in because if I choose to walk away then many things we built would fall apart. Maybe if I loved that person enough I would be able to eventually forgive them on some I don't know. Everyone is different. I don't think all cheating is black and white.

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  2.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 01 Sep 10

    As a marriage counselor, I have found out that if they cheated, then the love was probably never mutual in the first place so there was no love or respect even before the marriage.

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