Is there no room for a non-White 'Bachelor'?

Posted by Ria, 22 Apr

The Bachelor sued16 seasons of ABC's The Bachelor reality TV show down the line (and 7 seven seasons in the case of its sister show The Bachelorette ) and NOT even ONCE has a non-White single been given the leading role to search for love in these infamous shows. How about a hot latino man finding the white woman of his dreams? Does this mean the shows are discriminatory and have no room for non-Whites to take up the starring or is it just a mere coincidence – that those who audition just don't make the cut?

Well, Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks of Nashville don't believe its a coincidence and have filled a class-action lawsuit claiming they were turned away from The Bachelor because they are not white.

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Claybrooks claims he was rushed during the interview and was given like about 20 minutes while the white males before him got to spend 45 to 60 minutes with the interviewers. Johnson on the other hand (who just got 30 seconds) says non-white people "never get a show that shows we have love and affection for each other."

According to Cyrus Mehri (Washington-based lawyer), these two aren’t saying they should have been picked out rightly, but feel they should have been given the same opportunity as their white counterparts who tried out for the same leading role.

Is this done consciously because the producers of the shows feel having a non-white in the starring role will compromise the viewership by alienating the majority white viewership … that we American’s aren't ready for interracial romance on prime-time TV?

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  1. Posted: 28 Jun 12

    I have been saying this for yrs!! It is the very reason why I stopped, and encourage anyone that I know who watched to stop watching! Ratings, money, its still racist. So I have just one word, and please feel free to pass it on - BOYCOTT If we stop watching the show how much money will they make then? They only get away with it because we let them.

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  2. Posted: 03 May 12

    I firmly believe it comes down to ratings and the almighty dollar. TV executives know that starring a black male as the lead bachelor will indeed reduce the ratings. You remember the movie Hitch with Will Smith and Eva Mendez? Well when they were mulling over who the leading lady would be...they immediately threw out the idea of making her a black woman. They felt it was a definite possibility that movie would not receive top box office ratings if it were a story about "BLACK LOVE"....when they considered making her white, they decided that an "interracial movie" would not be well received by the media either. So they decided to go with a Hispanic woman because it would present less of a threat and everyone would still have that warm tingly feeling when they left the movie theater. It's the same with the Bachelor...A show about Black love would not garner the ratings they are seeking. And a show about primarily interracial dating would garner the kind of attention that they do not want. Mainstream White America and also Black America in general are not mentally ready to see a black man courting white women on national tv. Just like they are not prepared to see a White man courting MOSTLY black women on national tv (hence the reason you may see 1 or 2 black females on the show now...but there is never an intimate connection and rarely do they make it past the first 2 episodes).... Honestly, I would be glad if they just nixed the bachelor all together because the show sucks. I think they are PLENTY of beautiful happy REAL WORD mixed couples, that we can turn to for inspiration and re-affirmation that love knows no color.

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  3. Posted: 27 Apr 12

    personally I would love to see a white male bachelor and 25 gorgeous black, asian , middle eastern.. non white females and see what the viewers response would be to that. I think America is really tired of the stereotypical spoiled rotten self proclaimed "diva" white woman that got her education from HBO Sluts in the City shows, because half the girls that are on those shows fall into that category. I think if they broke out into other ethnicities they would find classier, sexier, smarter women. I have only seen the show a few times but the typical bachelorette and female contestants are all a cookie cutter carbon copy of this typical white young female who believes George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware so SHE COULD BE PRESIDENT... there is a seriously disgusting sense of "entitlement" that insane feminism peddled on the TV has created among young white females. They are not living in reality. Black women and women of other races from other countries are less prone to it because much of the TV programming are white women behaving that way (actresses). The Bachelor is a pretty stupid show anyway, but I'm really tired of seeing the same old boring white women on it, at least give us some better variety of women. I guess the owners of the station enjoy white girls acting trashy ..

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