Its just a book!!!

Posted by Ria, 20 Feb

This video was made to make fun of modern newbie computer users. Well the guy clearly isn’t ready to step out of his comfort zones without help. How dumb can one get…? It’s just a book for crying out loud. 8O

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But if you think about it, this is how most people view interracial relationships… like some new technology that people need to stay away from... like something that’s here to blow people apart. And problem is that such people go a step further and instill fear in others by spreading the so called gospel on various stereotype mentalities they have or in the case of parents, forbidding their children to date interracially or treating them as outcasts. You can disapprove, but please dont hinder someone else's pursuit of happiness.

Something I have never come to understand is why someone can be comfortable having a friend from a different race or culture but when it comes to having romantic relations, you won’t believe the things they will have to say. For some the book is already there… on your desk. A nice man, good looking maybe but you still don’t want to take the first step to open the book and peruse at least. Some of us are so scared that we might ‘lose some text’ without even trying .Well am a living example. I am of mixed race. My parents loved each other and I turned out fine.

So why then are we so quick to judge? Why are we so afraid of the unknown? How can one be so cruel to tarnish something they have no experience on? Why do we even allow people with their stereotypes and racism scare us from experiencing something that could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us? Or is it the case of being so used to the vanilla flavored ice-cream that we don’t even want to try out a little strawberry?

Talk to me people. Make Ria understand.

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  1.   lilywhite62 says:
    Posted: 26 Apr 08

    The video wasn't available when I went to watch, so I can only comment on your words. I am a product of the 60's, a child born of two white, middle class pennsylvanians. My parents raised me the way they were raised, which was the "it's ok to be friends, just don't ever bring one home to date" theory of interracial relationships. I myself never quite understood that, because it did not feel right to me..I sat next to blacks in class, participated in gym class with blacks, attended dances with blacks..I could never see what was so "different". I should say that I am using black here when each time I could be saying Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, also... I become friends with someone because of the person they are beneath their skin..I share my secrets with someone I trust regardless of their appearance...I share a kiss or intimate moment with someone with whom I feel that spark..regardless of their skintone. Yes, I have gotten "the look" plenty of times in my life. I get "the look" because of the way I cut my hair, also, so to me, it is just one more reason to look past a persons appearance and see the person inside. I've raised my son this way, and I pick my friends this way also. I subscribe to the belief that prejudice is ok. Prejudice, after all, is simply an opinion. We all have them. It is what you do and how you act IN SPITE of your prejudice that makes you the kind of person you are... On a daily basis, I challenge people. I challenge them to rise above their preconceived notions and look beyond to find the beauty and joy that lies within.

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  2.   nomorerace says:
    Posted: 22 Feb 07

    Now THAT was well said. Keep making 'em think. Earnest

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  3.   fala says:
    Posted: 21 Feb 07

    I liked the book metaphor. I thought it was a very clever and effective way to get the point across.

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