Just a list of Simple ways to be romantic with your partner

Posted by Akila, 21 Feb

Whether you've been together for a month, a year, or decades, to make sure that the relationship doesn't become stale, you need to learn simple ways to be romantic. You need to realize as a couple that the relationship can stop being like the ones we see in those romantic movies over time. Much as such movies serve as inspiration for our romances, giving your loved one chocolates and roses might seem like the way to go, but it might not be enough. Instead, you need to go the extra mile to add more romance to your relationship. We want that fire you started with to continue burning.

How to be more romantic in a relationship

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What does it mean to be more romantic? Well, let's take a look at some examples of romance you can implement as a couple...

Schedule a fun activity

If your relationship is past the honeymoon phase, the fastest way to bring back the fire is to start doing exciting things that you love doing together. For example, you could partake in thrilling activities like skydiving or bumping cars. Plus, the fun activity can be as simple as cooking dinner together.

Remind your partner regularly what you love about them

One of the other simple ways to be romantic is to appreciate the good things about your partner. Always remind your partner of the things you love about them. Whether it is their energy or their kind nature, let them know about it. The key is to be specific so that they see you have been paying attention. It will make them feel seen.

Rewrite or revisit your vows

Whether married or not, there are those things we usually pledge to do for one another to keep the love going. Well, revisit your vows and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. You could also rewrite new vows based on your relationship's direction then plan to stick by them.

Have creative conversations during date nights

Whenever you have your date nights, make a conscious decision not to talk about work, politics, or the ordinary things that happen in your daily lives. You could make it a Q&A and ask yourselves silly things like which superhero they would like to be or plan a getaway together.

Try new things in the bedroom

Come up with creative ways to spice up relationships by trying sex talk and bedroom games. Be open to trying out new things like bondage, anal play, and sex toys. For this to work. Both of you have to be on board. If there is an underlying issue interfering with your sex life, try fixing that first.

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