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Posted by Ria, 19 Oct

You two are inseparable. You're friends have officially dubbed you as an item. You have a lot in common, and you see long-term potential in him. As you reach that point of critical mass in your relationship, you may be feeling anxious to see what your relationship is really made of and see if you two have what it takes to make it as a team for the long haul. Here are a few unconventional ways to either bring you closer together or make your incompatibility all the more clear.

Try Something New

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Take a few steps outside of your comfort zone to try something completely new to both of you. Not something you've tried before, something brand spanking new to each of you. It could be yoga, it could be a Vietnamese cooking class or even ballroom dancing. Whatever activity you choose, just be sure that both of you have an interest in learning and enjoying this new hobby. By trying out a new hobby and learning and entirely new set skills, you can both lay your vulnerabilities bare and work together as a team to succeed. If your relationship has legs, this is something you'll need to get very comfortable doing.

Watch Each Other's Favorite TV Shows

You love the Real Housewives drama and he goes incommunicado on Tuesday nights when Sons of Anarchy is on. You both have your favorite shows, and sharing them can make that enjoyment even sweeter. Spend a weekend or two catching up together on each of your favorite shows so you can bond over discussing plotlines, cast drama and the twists and turns in the latest chapter of the story. By spending the time trying to better understand the other's interests in entertainment, you are showing an open-mindedness and a desire to get to know every layer of your partner's personality.

Get Competitive

A little friendly competition can fuel the fire in any relationship. Take an interest in his favorite competitive hobby and encourage him to try out yours as well. Does he love unwinding after a long day of work with a few games of Madden on his PlayStation 4? Do you relish the strategic thinking in German board games? Whatever the activity, by teaching each other something new, you can challenge your patience and understanding and you never know, your partner's new-found skills may surprise you.

Train Together

Sign up for a race together. Whether it's a 5k, a half marathon or a Tough Mudder, it doesn't matter what kind of race it is, also long as you both commit to training for it. Find a training schedule or create your own, complete with specific workouts a few days each week leading up to the race to ensure your success. Make sure you have enough time to complete ample training when choosing the race. For instance, many half marathon training programs are 10 to 12 weeks long. By committing to this challenge together, you can hold one another accountable and enjoy the glory together after weeks of hard work and determination, all of which are skills that will come in handy if your relationship can make it to the next level.

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