Mixed Nation: Celebrating diversity through fashion

Posted by Ria, 18 Jul

I'm never annoyed when people ask "what are you?" I think it's a great opportunity to share my background and story – Jasmine (Mixed Nation Community)

Now that is a first for me. All I know is most mixed race individuals loathe the "What are you" question. It screams "You are strange." "You don't fit in" "Which planet are you from"? But Jasmine has a totally different attitude towards that annoying question... a POSITIVE attitude. And for me: a fresh one. And all I could hear after reading her words was:

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I believe this is what Mixed Nation fashion is all about: Acknowledging that we are a mixed world and allowing people to "Represent the skin [they're] in with [their] cool meaningful merchandize". They want the global community to celebrate diversity.

The messages on their merchandize: Inspirational. The one that really blew me away was this onesie written "Perfect Lil Blend" on it. Breath taking don't you think?

Mixed Nation perfect lil blend

Most mixed race individuals have struggled with their appearance for a very long time. Most of them feel like they have to choose sides when it comes to racial identity. Most of them have struggled to fit in their different cultures. Some have had to pick one or the other in a bid to fit in.

But mixed race individuals don't have to try and fit in just so other people can love them. The only one who needs to love you is YOU. No one is obliged to love you but YOU. To be honest, the blending of cultures and heritage that one inherits from both parents is something to be in awe with... What's not to love?

There are so many inspirational messages on Mixed Nation. And one of the messages is: You don't have to choose sides. Mixed race individuals are "Beautifully Blended". Mixed Nation teaches us to be proud of who we are, to love ourselves and be ourselves; to walk with our heads held high in multiracial and multicultural pride.

Mixed Nation has helped a lot in building positive multicultural identities. Its all about empowering, inspiring and embracing people from all over the world especially through their community where people can share motivational content and connect.

"So, let's all represent the skin we're in…and inspire others to do the same!" - Mixed Nation

Want to represent yourself too? Visit the Mixed Nation Online Store for more of their cool merchandize.

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