N-word sprawled all over interracial couple's burned home. Possible hate crime?

Posted by Ria, 16 Sep

interracial couple home burnedIt's such a pity that the Council Bluffs police Sgt. David Dawson would call such acts of vandalism against an interracial couple a "possible hate crime" when the N-word is sprawled over the couple's burned home. "We very rarely have anything that I can remember for quite a while that I would say is related to a hate crime over here," Dawson says.

Possible? It is a hate crime for crying out loud.

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"I’m very angry," Shelly Owen, the victim said. "I’m just fortunate that my kids were in school and that we weren’t home. They wrote the ‘N-word’ all over my walls. This is against me, I guess, and it’s a hate crime."

Yes Shelly! I agree!

Shelly white and her fiance African American found their house in Iowa set ablaze by unknown assailants after they got back from work.

Possible hate crime? Lets call a spade a spade. It’s a hate crime that’s what it is. The other day, it was reported that an interracial couple was fighting for their right to stay in the small town of Leith, N.D. Bobby and Sherrill Harper are the town's only interracial couple. The town has a population of 16. Bobby, is the only black man in town and one Leith resident, Paul Craig Cobb feels one black man is too much black for the town. They have received letters, one saying "leave your "husband" ... Separation of the races forever!" One of the letters targeted to Sherrill calls her "filthy, race-mixing white woman" and "pea-brained."

Sugar-coating these things is why they keep happening; sadly to many black and white couples - and I don't mean they should be happening to other interracial couples. Hope the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice. That is what such interracial couples need: JUSTICE!!!

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  1.   kevyster says:
    Posted: 25 Jan 14

    according to the media,etc it's only a "hate crime" -which the law often borders on the line of being unconstutional- if the criminals are white only. Case in point to double murder and vicious gang rape of a Male white Polish immigrant who just became a US citizen after joining the US miltary and his Black American born Miltary wife when four racist thugs couldn't stand the idea of an interracial couple. The media ignored this story completely becuase just like with the Knockout game- the four bigoted thugs here were Black. What is the deal with this double standard? Why is the Knockout game only a "Hate crime" when one thug- white- attacks an old Black guy- but never when thousand of thugs - Black- single out and attack white, usually the eldery. Knockout game is also known as Punch a Jew and Smack a Polar bear ie a White. Stop this double standard.

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  2.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 17 Sep 13

    First off, let's thank god that nobody in that family was hurt. Secondly let's hope those perpetrators are brought to justice. Now this hesitance to label something as a "hate crime" reminds me of an awful story I read here a few months ago about a white military officer and his beautiful black wife that were raped and tortured to death by subordinates in his own unit that happened to be black, they also wrote the "N-word" on their walls. It was reported as an "attempt to resemble" a "hate crime". Wait, so if a white person rapes you, murders you, and/ or burns your house down, and writes the "N-word" it is a "hate crime" but if a non white person does the EXACT same thing, it is passed off as something else? Anyone can hate and do hate crime , anyone can be prejudice and racist. If my interracial family gets attacked, I don't care what your skin tone is nor how some will label such a crime, I will fight the F@#K back and I don't care what shade you are. I will put your sorry ass into the grave and your soul into hell. Wake the F@#K up America!

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    • DarkHoney1 says:
      Posted: 18 Sep 13

      Dave 74, I think you should read the above story again. I think one of the points being made above is that Police Sgt. David Dawson stated it is a "possible hate crime", not it is "definitely a hate crime" even with the evidence of the N-word being splashed across the home! Dawson's line of thought is not consistent with calling a hate crime a hate crime - I bet that was the core of the matter. So to add a conundrum that it is called a spade when Blacks are the victims and not called same when Whites are the victims is completely at variance with this topic of discussion. Hate crimes should be called what they are and not sugar-coated as clearly highlighted in this story irrespective of whom the victims are.

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      • dave_74 says:
        Posted: 20 Sep 13

        Thanks DarkHoney1, I did reread the story and totally agree with your comment of these crimes should not be sugar-coated as well as the authors comment in that what IR couples and families who fall victim need Justice. However I don't entirely blame Sgt Dawson in his ignorant reasoning. He is a product of a much bigger picture, the US Justice system and what is classified as a "hate crime". I invite you and everyone else to take a look at it. The differences in classification of whether or not it is a "hate crime" vs. just a "crime" is not just the victims race(s), but like in my example the one doing the crime is often the determining factor and that is my point. The actual crime didn't change, the interracial couple/family and/or their property is still equally harmed. However by classifying it differently due to what ethnic group/race the perpetrator was , THAT IMO doesn't do justice to the victims. THAT is sugar-coating right? And THAT is my point. My example was a true tragic story here a few months ago. The police called it "an attempt to appear as a hate crime" reason = it was black men who, raped, killed and wrote the N-word this time and not white men doing so. It is sad in this day that Sgt Dawson reports this as a "possible hate crime" when what is really meant is he isn't yet sure of the perpetrators' ethnicity. WHY IS THAT? I bet to this gentleman and his family, like all other IR couples/families who became victims of such crime. It doesn't really matter when the investigators come back and say either "well the perpetrator is African American so it isn't a hate crime" vs. "he is Caucasian so it is hate crime" Hate is Hate and Crime is Crime so basic algebra tells me Hate+Crime= Hate Crime and any action of anyone who attacks an IR couple/family and/or their property and writes the N-word shouldn't be sugar-coated regardless of their ethnicity. I am aware of cultural differences such as how some black Americans use the "N-word" as a greeting and how some white Americans use the "N-word" to racially degrade people of African origin, but let's get real! When you do harm to an IR couple/family and their property, then spray paint the "N-word" on the walls, it is never meant as a greeting. That should be clear to everyone! I agree, Let's call a spade a spade. I am very world traveled and know first hand that wonderful people come in all skin tones and ethnicity , as does scum. Please Let's not sugar-coat any scum regardless of color/ ethnicity.

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