"NO NO" Thanksgiving Hookups

Posted by Ria, 23 Nov

thanksgiving hookups Thanksgiving is here again. And just as always, you have packed your bags off to your hometown for this well celebrated break, just to run away from the turkey sandwich you would have had alone in your apartment. And as always, after being bombarded with the "You didn’t bring someone this time too?" questions, you decide to hit the hometown bar to wash down the "You are still alone" interrogation you just went through.

After an hour, the beer, wine or shots of some hard stuff you have been gobbling suddenly make you realize just how lonely you really are. And before long, you start entertaining the idea of making out and hooking up with people you probably never would have. Well in an article: "The Five People You Shouldn’t Hook Up With on Thanksgiving", Cass Colin lists the people you don’t want to bang when in your hometown because much as it may seem appropriate, IT AINT!!!

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  • The best friend you just bumped into in your drunken state may seem like the perfect person at the time; I mean, both of you are grown ups right? Plus what might be going through your mind is: If both of us are cool with it, no biggie. BIGGIE!!!! Cass says: "If you want to see your best friend at Christmas without enough residual weirdness to sink the Mayflower, keep your pants on."
  • "Your hot, recently divorced out of the family step sibling or cousin". Ok seriously! Did you just entertain the thought?
  • The old flame seems like the perfect medicine to ease the Thanksgiving loneliness. Going down that memory lane can be quite irresistible after having a few drinks. Cass couldn’t have explained it better: "Think of the sick feeling you get from the third piece of pie you had, then multiple that times sex. You are going to feel awful afterward and no amount of running on your parents forgotten treadmill will shed that shame." Bottom line, you don’t want to go down this old road. There is a reason why you are not on it right now. Please remember it! Please remember it!
  • Then there is that guy/girl… the one you used to see or bump into while grocery shopping… the one you always have this conversation whenever you bump into each other "Jill right?" "No. Francesca!" YES! THAT ONE! Seems like the safest bet since you can easily run away back to your life after Thanksgiving break. The thing with these townies is you never know what’s cutting with them. So you might find yourself having to deal with some baggage (you easily could have avoided if you just kept your pants on) every time you come home for holidays.

  • And last but not least, Cass mentions "Your lifelong crush". Well don’t worry. This one, bang all you want! "You finally won… You won my friend!"

The holidays are a good thing and we all love to indulge in all pleasures known to man. Just don’t let these pleasures be the source and beginning of a life full of regrets and kicks in the groin! Happy Holidays everyone!

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