Nobody really gets partnered up with someone who is perfect?

Posted by Ria, 08 May

perfect matchSnap out of the chic flicks fantasy if you want real love!!

That is what psychologist Dr. Michelle Callahan of Women’s health magazine advices. She believes women should stop taking the “perfect guy” movies too far; that women should stop waiting for Mr. Right because "nobody really gets partnered up with someone who is perfect. It just doesn’t happen."

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There is nothing wrong with having those must have lists for the perfect guy. All we need to do is prioritize those list because most of our lists are too long and unrealistic. This doesn’t mean that women should lower their standards. Women just need to be clear about they NEED from a partner and what we WANT! (Requirements vs. Preferences)

If you are constantly looking for perfection, then no relationship will ever be right for you. You will always find yourself less satisfied seeking for "butterflies" outside your marriage. No need to bee too specific and too rigid with the list. Similar values are more important when it comes to compatibility. She is super real. Have a watch:

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  1.   jod212 says:
    Posted: 13 May 13

    Really!!! I cannot believe anyone is even thinking this way unless they are 12 years old. We are "Human Beings" which is another defination for flawed creature. If the person seeking a mate is not perfect why seek perfection in another. Finding a blissfull connection is completely different you must be in touch with what you find attractive. That would equate to a men seeking a full figured or petite woman or a woman seeking a man over 6 feet in height or a grad school education , etc. These are guidelines, however imperfections exist within that structure as well and if you are truly open to a relationship, you should be prepared to look beyond your restriction's as well. Have fun!!!

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