5 Secrets You Can Keep From Your Spouse

Posted by Ria, 04 Sep

When it comes to relationships and secrets, most relationship experts will tell you 'Honesty is the best policy'. Well, there are some secrets we shouldn't keep from our spouses. For instance, a child from a previous relationship, your finances, medical conditions to name but a few. These are things that if not put in the limelight, they can impact the relationship greatly. If you know its gonna affect the relationship, then by all means spill the beans.

That said, there are some secrets, revealed or not, wont affect the relationship in any way. Below are some of those secrets that its OK to just keep to yourself.

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1. He isn't the best lover you have ever had

So he knows you have been around the block. And compared to the men you had been with before him, there was this one guy, no one can come close to when it comes to pleasuring you in bed. You don't need to tell your significant other how you fantasize about that ex you used to have mind-blowing sex with.

2. Your mother thinks you could have done better

Our family members may have an opinion about the men we choose to spend our lives with. That however doesn't mean you now tell him exactly what they think of him. This is something that creates a rift between your man and family, making things more uncomfortable that they should be. To most parents, no man will ever be good enough for their 'little girl'. So don't hurt the poor dude with this unnecessary information.

3. Keep your friend's secrets to yourself

Most of us women feel the need to talk to our spouses about everything. But when a friend confides in you, they expect you to take the secret to your grave and not end up as some pillow talk in your bed a few hours later. The day your friend realizes you talk to your spouse about her private stuff, you will lose their trust, if not the friendship all together. Its your friend's secret. If it doesn't affect your relationship negatively, just keep it. He will never even know it exists.

4. 'Stalking' your ex on social media

You may sometimes go to your exes Facebook wall to see whether he has moved on; sometimes even to compare the current girlfriends looks with your own. Its usually just some stupid curiosity, nothing much. So why would you want your current dude be jealous over some dude you have absolutely no intention of getting with?

5. His spare tire

We always look our best when we meet our spouses but after years of being comfortable, we pack a few pounds here and there. You may not be in your best shape either. But if your dude still tells you you are beautiful despite all that, extend the same courtesy to him and ignore those pounds he is packing around his belly.

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  1.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 22 Sep 16

    What did Will Smith's character say in the movie Concussion? "Tal de troof!" He had a great point. I'd rather know the truth than have it hidden from me.

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