Tips for Extroverts Dating Introverts

Posted by Ria, 26 Feb

Are you an extrovert?

Do you find yourself dating a plethora of introverts? If so, please continue reading. Here you will find a detailed summarization of the different situations you may find yourself in during your romantic entanglements with various types of introverts. Some introverts are shy and reserved. Others just want more one on one time. Being the fun-loving talkative ball of energy that you are can be an excruciatingly difficult endeavor when you’re chaperoning around an introvert. But with a few candid tips along the way you can not only identify introverts but learn to build healthy relationships with them as well.

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Never leave your introvert unguarded.

Someone might come and snatch up your date! As an extrovert at a party, your immediate instinct leads you to one dangerous question, where are my buds at? But do not forget yourself. If you’re accompanied by an introvert the last thing you want to do is leave them alone in a social setting with strangers. They're a fish out of the water and you've taken them out of their comfort zone. So it's your responsibility to incorporate them into your social circle. Never take an introvert out of its natural environment and force it to fend for itself. You are sure as hell not going to win any brownie points like that.

Develop new friendships together.

Introverts don't always make friends very easily. But you, on the other hand, make friends wherever you go. This may cause some resentment from your partner if you’re always the one socializing with everyone else yet ignoring your introvert. But there's a simple solution and it doesn't even involve throwing out all your old friends. When you’re out in the world schmoozing with the cafe cashier behind the counter or the fellow patron at the grocery store because she too is scouring for that special pancake mix she got last time, maybe just maybe you can give your introvert a piece of the action. Include your introvert in the conversation rather than focusing all your attention onto this newly discovered person. Otherwise, you'll have a very jealous introvert on your hands.

One on one time is crucial.

You may very well have realized this by now but the times your introvert is at his or her peek is when the two of you are alone together. All the concerts and comedy shows you've been taking them to are a fine addition to a lifestyle that they might otherwise never have experienced. But sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes it may just be movie night. A cute little Rom-com. A cup of cocoa. And a couple of Snuggies. Not to say that your particular introvert might necessarily be a complete home person. Every once in a while the two of you might just go out for a nice romantic dinner. Just the two of you. It may not be your idea of an ideal night. But remember! Compromise is the key to any successful relationship.

Oh my God, what a long day!

As an extrovert, you often want to debrief on your partner after a long day. You want to tell them how funny it was when Joe from human resources lost a bet and had to streak naked through the corridors. Or when Alice from the cubicle next to you asked to borrow your stapler and never gave it back. God, that Alice is a real piece of work! But introverts are cut from a different cloth. They prefer to recharge alone.  So wait an hour or so after they get home from work before you start telling them about what a nut job your boss is.

How do we handle conflicts?

Well as an extrovert you’re naturally very upfront about dealing with the elephant in the room. But introverts may not be as eager to brawl. There not confrontational the way you are. If you suck them into a dispute they don't want to have you may leave them feeling harassed and emotionally abused. On the other hand, you'll leave feeling stonewalled. But instead of letting your despondency get the best of you, approach your partner calmly and respectfully rather than turning into such a rabid monster. You don't want to start saying hurtful things you wish you could take back.

Travel with your introvert.

You are very spontaneous. Excitement is your middle name! Well actually it’s Clutterbuck but nobody needs to know that. Big crowds overwhelm an introvert. Be mindful of this. Airports can be stressful for anyone. But especially for an introvert. You may see the airplane ride as the first step in what is to be an unforgettable adventure. But your partner doesn't share your feeling of titillation. The airport can just as easily be equated with the loud party full of strangers. So instead of letting yourself get propelled forward by the fury of lights, noises and the swirl of humanity, stay by your partner's side. Slow down and make sure you haven't left them behind. Just relax, repose and hang loose. You’re going to make your flight.

Socializing with an introvert.

As an extrovert, you may have noticed that you often raise your voice to be heard over the sound of another extrovert talking. With an introvert, you'll never have to worry about them blathering on like some auctioneer while you sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting for your turn to speak. That's not to say that introverts don't have interesting and intriguing things to discuss with you but they do spend more time analyzing what they are going to say before they say it. So be mindful that you give them time to have their voices heard and don't go on for ten minutes straight dominating the conversation. Take a breath every once in a while to see if your introvert has anything noteworthy to add to the conversation.

There are advantages to dating an introvert.

Some people treat an introverted personality like its disease. It's not a disease. It’s actually quite the contrary. If you were raised to believe that being introverted is a curse then prepare to have your mind blown. Though unfortunately, the team of specialists that put Humpty Dumpty back together again retired in the late 90s. So if at all possible don't actually blow your mind. In the dating game, you will find desirable qualities in both extroverts and introverts. As far as introverts go they're more loyal, unwavering and devoted to you. They focus more on you. Require less attention because they recharge alone. They're great listeners and they think before they speak. Introverts cut past the small talk, prefer in-depth one on one conversations and have an easy going mellow persona. So if you've found yourself an attractive introvert that's caught your fancy, cherish that person! But don't tell them that you've read this article, you can't let them know that you were on to them!

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  1.   Byuma2019 says:
    Posted: 22 Mar 19

    They are interested in the nudes nothing more, white men are full of shi!t

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  2. Posted: 05 Mar 19

    Great article and on point. Being an introvert can be a struggle when dating, especially when you don't like large, conjested crowds and having to interview with multiple people...gets overwhelming. Hopefully one day someone can accept me as I am.

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