Unique and Affordable Date Night Ideas to Explore in the Big City

Posted by Ria, 12 Oct

Going out on the town in a big city can be tons of fun, but it can also be quite expensive and overwhelming. The good news? There are a few things you can do that won't bankrupt you and also make fun and unique memories for you and your date.

Go to First Friday

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In most larger cities (and even smaller ones), you can attend First Friday. While the theme and purpose can vary from location to location, commonly these events are art walks when galleries keep their doors open later than normal. There are other types of First Fridays that include social networking events, live music and other performances. As you might expect, these take place on the first Friday of each month, and many people look forward to getting out every month. It might just become one of your favorite date ideas.

Attend a stage performance

One of the benefits of being near (or in) a large city - for example, NYC, Boston or Philadelphia - is that you can see an amazing stage performance. Better yet, you can grab your tickets to Broadway shows online. This reduces the amount of time you spend standing in line and helps you avoid jacked-up prices at the theater. This way, you have more time to relax in your seats or walk around indoors instead of uncomfortably queuing up. The best part is that you'll have more time to bond with your date.

Hit up a sports event

Most big cities have at least one major sports franchise (many located in downtown areas), and if you and your partner are sports fans, getting a couple of tickets makes for an easy and super entertaining night out. Most sports stadiums are all-inclusive, so you can take in a game, eat dinner and get drinks, all without having to leave the area. Even nosebleed seats can be enjoyable - you can revel in the atmosphere while hanging out with your date. And whether your favorite team wins or loses, these memories will never fade.

Visit a museum

While many museums aren't open late at night, starting off your date night during the late afternoon hours can be a welcome change from looking around for the perfect restaurant. Often, these late hours are considered off-peak, so you'll be able to enjoy the exhibits without having to fight large tour groups as you might during the morning or early afternoon. Consider taking your date to explore a museum neither of you have visited. Quietly navigating amazing exhibits, hand-in-hand, can be the perfect segue to a wonderful night out. Also, many museums have on-site restaurants, allowing you to take a break to sit down and get a bite to eat.

Check out a new bookstore

Grab a latte with your date and spend a few quiet, relaxing hours at a local bookstore. Look for places you haven't been to before or are located in neighborhoods you haven't spent a lot of time in. You might find an amazing indie bookstore that you will return to again and again, or you may plan your outings every week to include finding a new haunt. Hanging out at a bookstore can actually be quite romantic. You can read together, quietly discuss new finds or challenge one another to find the best spot in each store.

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