When Is The Right Time For a Relationship Milestone?

Posted by Ria, 21 Feb

You loved her at first sight. With her shy smile, quick wit and easy laugh, she had you from the moment you met. Getting up the nerve to ask her out was another matter. But, once you tackled that awkward hurdle, it's been smooth sailing. Now the two of you are basking in the glow of the early days of a great relationship. Still, there something nags in the back of your mind. What happens now? Is it too soon to take the next step? As you march toward emotional and physical intimacy, you can't help but wonder is it the right time for the next milestone.

Sleeping Over

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Sharing a bed overnight can be even more intimate than making love. Between snoring and morning breath, you'll need to be completely comfortable with your partner before engaging in a snuggly sleepover. While a few couples reach that level of familiarity right away, and some never get there, most feel ready for this step after around three months of dating.

This first adult slumber party can be especially stressful for ladies. After months of primping, selecting perfectly fitting outfits, getting makeup just right and ensuring hair is coiffed just so, one night erases it all. To bump up confidence, you can select a little something from online retailers like Yumdrop. With the various coverage levels available, you can either subtly cover up areas or reveal some skin and bring all the attention to your body.

Traveling Together

The first romantic getaway, full of beautiful hotels, candlelit dinners and exploring new destinations always seems like a great idea. Then the reality of traffic jams, airport security lines, overpacked bags and competing travel styles sets in and the fantasy collapses. The first weekend getaway can be a minefield of potential relationship rifts if you aren't prepared. After months of dating, most couples have developed their communication skills and know each others interests well enough to handle the rigors of travel. However, that doesn't mean you can just hop on a plane and expect everything will be alright.

Plan ahead by using the TripIt app and website to coordinate so there is no confusion about departure times or accommodations. Then use Urbanspoon to make reservations at mutually agreeable restaurants. Planning for meals prevents venturing into moody territory when someone becomes ravenous.

Start the trip off on a fun foot by putting together a goody bag of travel essentials for your sweetie. Toss in an aromatherapy sleep mask from Soap.com to make sleeping on the plane or in the car easier, their favorite snacks to quiet a rumbling tummy and a few upscale travel-size toiletries from Sephora.

Meeting the Parents

You think there are just two of you in this relationship? Think again. As a couple you have been getting to know each other, becoming more intimate, sharing new experiences and even battling disagreements in your own, private bubble. But, once you meet the parents, the bubble is shattered and suddenly there are four, six, or more involved.

Once the door is open, parents can't resist weighing in with their opinions on your honey. However, waiting too long can cause families to nag and become suspicious. You'll need to know the skeletons your partner keeps in the closet and feel secure enough in the relationship to overlook others opinions before adding parents to the mix, usually around the six-month mark. Get off to a good start with your potential in-laws by showing up with gifts in hand. Head to See's Candies to pick up decadent chocolates and stop by Total Wine for a nice bottle to present to your hosts. Allowing your sweetie’s parents to see you in a generous light will help ease this step toward intimacy.

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