Why both men and women fake the "O"

Posted by Ria, 12 Apr

Women have been labeled "pro" fakers of the big "O". But a recent research revealed that 17% of the men interviewed do it too; compared to 53% of their female counterparts. So why do men and women see the need to fake the big "O"?

Apparently, as per this research the reasons are non-selfish. Take the example of this guy who had a little too much to drink. Research showed that such a man is more likely to fake a climax because he is just too tired and just wants to be done with the sex soon enough so he can sleep as he anticipates his hangover the following morning – faking in this case is done to avoid engaging in further humping.

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Ideally, we all expect men to be in the mood for sex like AAAALL the time; we expect them to keep it up throughout the entire banging; and we expect an ejaculation once they are done.

As per the Canadian Journal for Human Sexuality, men who faked it did it to avoid looking inadequate and also for fear that their ‘inadequacy’ would cost them their partners. Insecure men also faked it.

We all like to think that women fake climaxes if they felt their partners lacked sexual prowess, when they got regrets about the man they are with and when it’s the always “be done already”… “lemme just end it without hurting him” as opposed to “GET OFF ME”!!!

Well here is a shocker: More men than women fake climaxes because their partners were bad in bed and wanted to get over and be done with the whole sexual encounter... and they also fake it when having regrets about the woman. And all this is done because they just want their partners to feel good about themselves.

Sometimes women did it because they felt insecure. Who wants to appear “RIGID” - as they call women who don’t come - right? So apparently, we don’t want the climax to seem to take too long, we are just too tired to try any further, or because we are trying to make ourselves more aroused.

The thing is: when it comes to sex and communication about sex, people would rather fake it than talk about what they want sexually or talk about not wanting to have sex at all or accepting the fact that the orgasm is too far for you to reach it.

"The question is why are people afraid of communicating these things to their partner. If sex wasn’t so scripted with orgasm treated as the goal …if sex was more a question of an experience with someone, to get closer to someone or to experience pleasure, period, then people might not feel the need to fake at all. It would be a non-issue," said Léa Séguin, a PhD student in the department of sexology at the University of Quebec at Montreal who conducted the study with researchers at the University of Guelph.

Bottom line: The main reason for faking it is to stroke a partner’s ego and making them happy. And appearing sexually satisfied seems to do the trick. “They wanted to facilitate orgasm for the partner by exaggerating their own pleasure,” said Séguin.

How about that!

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