Why the cheerios ad was controversial? Kids have no clue

Posted by Ria, 17 Jul

goes the disclaimer at the beginning of the video.

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The Fine Bros. this week played the infamous interracial Cheerios ad. to a number kids. And when they were told that a bunch of people were offended by the ad, they just didn’t get why. When told it was because of the parents, they still didn’t get it. It took a lot of leading on for it to register in their minds that the parents are mixed race... that's why!


Generally that’s what the kids wondered. Kids may say the dandiest things. But this episode of Kids React by the Fine Bros. actually made me realize that many of us can learn lots and lots from kids. And they also give some refreshing advice to racists and to those who have to deal with racism. Watch for yourself and don’t forget to give your comments.

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  1.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 23 Jul 13

    I have only seen the Cheerios commercial after reading the AR blogs here. Then went to Youtube to check out why all the fuss. Wow, Youtube is a huge racists magnet. Some of those comments were include " General Mills supports white genocide". "Jewish controlled media controls Cheerios and is forcing race mixing" Wow, I didn't realize my breakfast cereal or the commercial for it had such a strong swirling effect....LOL , One very racist Cheerios lover even decided to boycott (not eat) his favorite cereal for....a whole week.(wtf?) Imagine those intense losses that General Mills had to endure due to this racist Youtube zero...lol. Due to that, I discovered many other multi race ads that I thought were great including a Dodge commercial featuring a white guy who checks out his girlfriends' cute black lady friend. (Ok, if you have a gf...you really shouldn't be checking out anyone, but she is very cute... I think every guy would at least pass a quick glance regardless of relationship status)

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  2.   tonycp says:
    Posted: 20 Jul 13

    Well I to was at first a little puzzled as to why the outcry. Then the sickening realisation... Surely they can't be objecting to the mixed race couple? Haven't we moved on? I was a little comforted by the fact that the outcry was apparently from comments posted on YouTube. You tend to get the Luddite herd mentality. A pity not enough good people objected to the comments. What is that saying? All it takes is for good people to do nothing for evil to triumph... Surely there must have been other adds with mixed race couples in them. Why the fuss now? It's not something that I have really monitored myself though. I have noticed baby products now featuring black as well as white babies, which is a welcome change. Bless these kids. Good for you.

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  3.   Confident75 says:
    Posted: 19 Jul 13

    Bless these kids. The first time I say this commercial, I thought, "Bravo" for having the foresight and courage to portray what we see in society everyday. There is also a fast food chain commercial that has a black woman calling a white man hot... this one I also applauded, not just as a white man married to a black woman, but because it demonstrated that advertisers, at least, are beginning to recognize and accept the new America. The one thing I have noticed in society lately though, is the widespread acceptance of homosexual couples over interracial couples. Not that I'm a homophobe or a hater, but that's a major head scratcher for me.

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