Why you need to save the date for Singles Sunday!

Posted by Ria, 29 Dec

Did you know that this coming Sunday, Jan 2, 2022, the first Sunday after New Year’s is the biggest and the perfect day of 2022 for you to look for love online? Some even call it 'Dating Sunday'. Others have even dubbed it the ‘Black Friday’ of online dating. Wanna know why?

For years, dating experts, as well as major online dating sites, have been reporting a spike in traffic, specifically on the Sunday after New Year’s – a literal dating stampede! It’s “Black Friday” altogether in the online world because of the brisk business that match-making businesses report. Just like people flood in stores to do mega shopping, so do people flood in online dating sites to do a ‘mega’ search for love.

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On this Dating Sunday, it's been reported that the online search for love can skyrocket to as high as 75%. You see where I am going with this and why I said earlier that it’s the perfect day to search for love? If your resolution is to find love, you are not the only one!

It’s also been reported that “...17 percent more likely to get a match, and 16 percent more likely to actually chat with that match on Dating Sunday.”

Why does this particular day, spur such a high drive in singles to search for new love? A few things have been cited as the motivation behind this…

Lonely holidays, pressure from peers and family, and the clock ticking down to Valentine’s Day. Being the first holiday after New Year’s if you were alone then, there is pressure to want to be paired on this day of love.

The other theory which a spokesman for one of the dating sites conveyed to CNET is: “The holidays inspire singles to reboot their dating life after navigating questions from friends and family about their relationship status and reflecting on their own personal goals.”

So, in case the chance of meeting your holiday love slips you by before the New Year, you need not worry. Capitalize of Singles Sunday. As explained above, your chances are much higher and you know what, you might find yourself chatting with the person you will be spending the next holiday with… Valentine’s Day.

Don’t let this online dating stampede pass you by. Save the date if you are still single. Better make it work for you!

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