3 Tips to Help You Find the One

Posted by Ria, 13 Feb

You could meet your soul mate anywhere, be it the grocery store or a baseball game. If you're looking for love, you present yourself as universally approachable at all times. But finding the one includes more than just exchanging numbers and an initial attraction. You may be distancing yourself from potential relationships without even knowing it. If you never seem to get past the first few dates, consider these three tips to help you navigate the crazy world of dating:

1. Spruce Up Your Home Decor

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Whether it's those shirtless Justin Bieber posters on your wall or that couch you brought from your dorm room, tacky home decor can destroy what you thought was good chemistry with your date.

A 2003 survey sponsored by furniture retailer Atmosphere found that 80 percent of singles factor in home decor when determining the long-term viability of dates. The living room was said to tell the most about a date by 47 percent of those surveyed. A clean apartment is always a good start, but a few grown-up modifications can make any place look and feel more sophisticated.

Add a few green plants (i.e. peace lilies and snake plants) to your front room to give it life and serenity. Put shades over the living room windows to create a cinema atmosphere for afternoon movie dates. A bathroom with hand soap pumps and fresh hand towels that match the shower curtain also earn comfort points.

2. Don't Dismiss Your Eyewear

Let's face it: single people are walking advertisements for themselves. One way to prevent people from changing the channel is nerding it up a bit.

A 2011 survey by the College of Optometrists in London found that 43 percent of people associate glasses with intelligence. Another 40 percent said they wear or are considering wearing clear glasses just so they are perceived as more intelligent.

Chain retailers like Pearl Vision and Lenscrafters offer a wide-range of frames for all budgets. Make sure the glasses contrast the shape of your face. For example, people with round faces should wear narrow frames to create the illusion of elongation.

3. Polish Those Pearly Whites

Love at first sight is a real phenomenon. But, it's less likely for people with crooked, stained teeth. Market research firm Kelton found in a 2012 study that people with straight, white smiles were 57 percent more likely to get dates based solely on the other person seeing their photo. Another interesting finding was that 73 percent said they were more likely to trust someone with a straight smile than one with a good job or nice outfit.

There are plenty of effective home teeth whitening systems. Viatek Hollywood Smiles and the Plus White 5 Minute System both get positive reviews from users. Many dental plans pay more than half the cost of Invisalign treatment to straighten crooked smiles.

Finding "the one" entails expanding your horizons. Keep an open-mind, smile and everything else will take care of itself.

All people no matter white men, latino women, white women or black men LOVE occasional upgrades to their lives and in the lives of others.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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