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Posted by Ria, 15 Jul

AfroRomance review – Matching interracial singles since 2003

As states: This is considered to be one of the best interracial dating sites with black singles finding love outside of their race.

Find your soulmate on AfroRomance

Key Features of the dating website:

  • Find people by filtering choices such as their race and their color
  • Helpful coaching advice about online and offline dating.
  • Plethora of articles about dating, interracial trends and more
  • Prices are low in comparison with other competitor dating sites
  • Premium features include private chats for added privacy
  • With the premium package users also have access to anonymous audio calls and video chats with other users

AfroRomance Overview:

AfroRomance is a user-friendly website which has managed to keep its users going because of the intuitive interaction between the users and the features provided. This website is focused on interracial relationships and has managed to match people with people outside their race with a good rate of success. The website also has a “Success Stories” section for inspiration for new or existing users.

To enter the website, you will have to go through an easy and quick process to fill in your details and preferences such as the races the user is interested. Preference customization is quite versatile and enough to be tailored to the likes of many kinds of people.

Afroromance Registration process review

Registration is quite hustle-free and straightforward. The process comes down to 3 easy steps and the requirement of basic information and the option of a FREE account with various features. In addition to that, one of the easiest ways to register is via Facebook login, which makes it even easier.

Once the user goes through the fast process of creating the profile, will be asked to upload pictures which are imperative for online dating. It is advised that the picture that is uploaded should be a self-portrait or a selfie as the users are more prone to communicate with someone who has their face on their profile picture.

AfroRomance functionality review

With the FREE account the user will be ready to start exploring the users of the website and check out the profiles of users, free or paying users. The users with free accounts will be able to flirt with other users and reply to their messages.

Paid members AfroRomance review

The paid membership of the website opens up a whole new library of functions the users can use. To begin with paying members will be able to see who checked out their profile. In addition to that, paid memberships have the option of uploading more pictures than the free members and that comes down to 15 pictures instead of the 5 pictures limit that the free users have. Additional features of the paid membership are the video calls users are able to make and the private chatrooms with people they are interested in.

Coaching for online dating

One of the most impressive features of AfroRomance is the addition of the coaching feature. Especially for new users, coaching will help the users build a strong profile in order to stand out from the rest of the users, through recommendations of a designated agent that will review your profile. In addition to that, there are many videos with coaching as a tool to make the user’s dating experience better and much more.

Afroromance Cost (premium price)

Afroromance, besides the option of the free account has some affordable options when it comes to monthly memberships with some of the best pricing around when it comes to online dating. The premium accounts also come in monthly packages while in the meantime, there is a 90 day money-back guarantee, which is a brave move that shows the confidence the creators have in their platform.

  1. Free Basic Account
  2. 1 Month $19.95
  3. 3 Months $13.16/month (34% Savings)
  4. 6 Months $5.82/month (42% Savings)

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  1.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 28 Mar 17

    I thought that seemed better than monthly, recurring so I did it and it's still active to this day. I will also say that back in 2004, the dating scene was much easier. Women actually went on dates. They didn't dilly dally around with back and forth messaging then exchanging phone numbers, then disappearing with no more replies. I've gone on so many simple coffee dates back in the early 2000's. Now, no matter the age of the women I correspond with (20 - 40) they all play the same game. It's sad how people have changed. And the change is NOT a good one. Feminism is to blame.

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    • Vibegoddess says:
      Posted: 23 Sep 20

      Ever thought that most of these women are not really single they maybe just bored? Most 20 yo don't really want to date 48yo man. Can't blame Feminism for everything!

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