Good guys not interested?

Posted by Ria, 12 Mar

“Could be you’re a Frog Farmer. You turn princes into frogs.” - Relationship expert Chris Hart

In a recent post - "Before you ask him to propose…" - a happy marriage starts with choosing the right guy. But what if the good guys never seem interested?

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So many single, educated women usually find themselves in this predicament. They are ready to get married; they are looking for the right guy but for some reason, the men who seem right just don’t take you seriously. They start out as the best thing that ever walked the earth then for some unknown reason, turn into frogs – unromantic, neglectful, unfaithful SoBs. Could it be you are oozing the wrong vibe? Are you a Frog Farmer?

Chris Hart says this about ladies who are Frog farmers:

"Frog farmers like keeping men off balance. But good men don’t play games.

No control over your emotions? Nothing more scary to a good man.

You dress like a stripper? To a prince, you are what you wear.

You’re way too needy? When a man’s looking for a wife, he wants to know HIS needs matter to you too. You don’t really care? He’ll soon turn into a frog.

You’re his worst critic? Good men know all their failings and don’t need reminding. You get the best out of a good man by praising his virtues. Endlessly banging on about his vices will turn him right off. Same if you’re judgmental. If he feels you’re analysing everything he says, you’ll never really be close.

You know the club scene better than politics, religion or money? Only frogs go clubbing. Real men want a wife who can manage a home, help with his business and raise the kids.

You’re still seething over an ex? Your new guy doesn’t want to hear about it. Women who can’t say a kind word about men lose them, fast. Ditto if you’ve been in a divorce battle or get violent with a spouse. Or you’re all about yourself, ‘don’t need him,’ or expect your views to always win out over his. Or you constantly let him know what your ‘girl friends’ think he should be doing for you.

Maybe you get intimate too easily? When men date there are only two possibilities on their minds. Sex or marriage. One or the other. It’s obvious really. Men don’t want a wife who’s an easy lay.

Your Facebook page is a cry for male attention? That doesn’t exactly say ‘Your Mum will love me!’ Princes also lose interest if you have lots of male ‘friends.’ Just like women distrust men with too many female friends, men feel the same way about all those guys.

Beautiful hair, beautiful nails, but no money? You’re a ‘model, ‘singer’ or ‘beautician?’ Not unless you’re earning steady money you’re not. It all screams gold-digger. You never buy your own drinks? Sure, a good man will always pick up the tab. But buy him something from time to time, just so he knows you don’t only see him as a source of income."

In order to keep a good guy good, all you need to do is understand his needs. Apparently, good men have simple needs. But if you are selfish and make the relationship about your needs... "Croak Croak"

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  1.   zpassion says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 13

    Wow! You women need to wake up !Everything he said was the truth! I should know! I'm 1 of those good guys! And I'm as real as can be! Go ahead....put me to test :)

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  2.   alicia44 says:
    Posted: 20 Mar 13

    I am in agreement with other statements made about this article, yet it assumes that the female is the one with the issues in this particular instance. And the onus of discovery, self identification and correction remains with us. We all have baggage and emotional triggers that make us less than desirable to our prospective mate. None of us want to display any of these qualities as the article outlines, yet from time to time, these things can pop up not only from the females looking for a prospective mate, but a man can also display some of these characteristics themselves and then it is we that are the one's who are balanced. Not all men are as one dimensional and simplistic as this and many articles try and narrow men down to either one or the other ie. "marriage or sex", "food or sex". As if their brains are just one gigantic flow chart. I would hope that there are more intelligent and dimensional male personalities in the world than those I have seen described. I think it comes down to whether the things we experience are deal breakers in our relationships or can be worked through over time with discussion and loving attention.

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  3. Posted: 19 Mar 13

    This article was entertaining (& made several friends come to mind) lol. I can think of a few good men that I know & am friends w/... however....unfortunately they have (or are looking for) boyfriends, of their own...

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  4.   blueberry6 says:
    Posted: 19 Mar 13

    This article is about someone you already know. What about the good men who are not interested without even finding out anything about you? Other than that, I do agree with the sentiments expressed in the article.

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  5.   Cath1865 says:
    Posted: 17 Mar 13

    I don't necessarily agree with this article, but I am a woman and it is put in the perspective of a man. I am a highly educated woman who has her hair and nails done and can support myself and have done so for the past 7 years. I own my own home, car and have a great career with a lot of friends. I dress professionally, can carry on a conversation with any one about anything. What I have run in to is men who portray themselves online one way but in person it is all about wanting sex, and being "the man". I have met several men on this site an not one of them was the same person they describe in their profile or even in the phone conversations we have had. I am a giver and I ask men about themselves and for sure can keep my emotions in check, that is what girlfriends are for. I believe you need to do an article exactly like this for men. I love men and am not a man basher, I just don't like that so often it's what women are doing wrong not to land a man. How about what men do to make us not want you.

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  6.   scandiblond says:
    Posted: 12 Mar 13

    This is a fun article..i am not an easy lay..guess try and try to have fun while talking online with webcamera..oh me some skin..i noticed that the guys vanishes fast if you don't meet his request. Also..i always paid my way when meeting a guy and that is without working!!

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