He was once obese. Now leaner, he doesn’t want to date “fat”

Posted by Ria, 01 Nov

Weight loss and datingAfter being married for 30 blissful years, widowed at 51 and shedding 135 pounds in the process, this once obese 54 year old man is now ready to try his hand into online dating and dating in general. But there is a hitch…

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Majority of the women who seem to be interested in him are women the size he used to be! And he is not feeling them one bit. He says,“My profile is very specific about my eating and exercise habits. I always answer any response I get, and I am always polite and try and let these women know that I am not interested in dating a large woman. I have lived that lifestyle and do not want to go back to it. I get back a lot of hateful and abusive responses! I know that we should each look to the person inside, but if there is no initial attraction there is no initial attraction."

See, 33 years ago, there was a woman who accepted this man for who he was – obese and all. But now that he’s literally got his a** in gear, he doesn’t want to date large women? Does he feel he is better than them... above them or something? I may sound petty right now but I think he deserves every hateful response coming his way.

How come, most people who lose weight, suddenly feel "fat" aint good enough for them - forgetting they were once there? Does his change in lifestyle necessarily have to mean a change in his dating preference too?

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  1.   Scarlettach says:
    Posted: 20 Nov 11

    It's unfair to attack him because chooses his "ideal" date. He understands the health risk involved with obesity. Who can really blame him for not wanting any reminders of that lifestyle he once lead? He may want/need someone who can motivate him to continue living healthy.

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  2. Posted: 15 Nov 11

    This man does not deserve hate mail. The work and commitment it takes to lose 10lbs is more than the average person is willing to endure. It's already been said but this man's preference for women don't indulge in food is no different than a person's preference for women who don't indulge in smoking, drinking, or any other unhealthy habit. He'll, vegetarians have a right to date other vegetarians without the rest of the world saying "you used to eat meat 10 years ago". Seriously, those who cannot be open minded enough to tolerate personal preferences will have a tough time with interracial relationships.

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  3.   Reese says:
    Posted: 05 Nov 11

    He has a preference. What is the big deal. Maybe it isn't about him thinking he is better than someone, but about being around people with similar lifestyles so he doesn't gain the weight back. I quit smoking and I don't date smokers not because I think I am better than them, but because the tempation is still great for me to smoke when stressed out. But alot of people like people that have qualities they don't possess. Fat people who like thin people, poor who only date rich or whatever. Who cares really? It is his choice.

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  4.   Lyriclove says:
    Posted: 03 Nov 11

    You know, I don't think you can hate him for changing his preference for more slimmer females rather than plus size females. I'm sure he worked very hard to lose the weight and wants a mate who works just as hard in staying fit. I am a plus size female and have battled weight loss for years and am still struggling with losing weight. I tend to get men who are on the heavier side as well but honestly am attracted to a slimmer kind a guy. But I feel that if they guy is slim that he has the right to expect the same from his mate (unless he likes curvy, plus size women). It would be nice for men see the inside of us females and our personalities before the exterior but as we know men are visual and to a certain extent so are females. Honestly if his taste has changed because he now lost his weight I don't think you can hate him for wanting the same from his potential love interest.

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