Is flirting worth risking it all?

Posted by Ria, 21 Nov

So what is it about flirting that makes people risk it all just to keep sending that message to the other person? Why do people go on flirting even when they clearly know that it will ruin their relationships?

About a month ago, a friend of mine was using her girlfriend’s phone to send an SMS when he ‘accidentally’(that’s how he put it anyway) came across a very erotic message the girlfriend had sent to some guy called Ben. When he asked about it, she said it was nothing. She just sent it. So after talking about it, the guy decided to let it go… but his suspicions never left him.

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The other day, he picked up his girlfriend’ s phone. He had noticed that the girl seems to communicate quite an awful lot with this girl named Christy. And there… another flirtatious message. On being confronted, she denied ever sending that message and even put up a little show… she broke her sim card saying “If this is what is bringing me all these problems, then I would rather do without it.᾿

My pal decided to call this Christy and to his shock, Christy was a dude. The same dude her girlfriend used to flirt with a month ago. The guy fumed and left the girlfriend. However, he had lots of unanswered questions.

Were they just flirting? Was there more? If she sank as low as changing the dude’s name just to keep flirting with him, don’t you think there was more to it than just that?

Seriously peeps, is flirting worth risking it all?

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  1.   Snazzybella says:
    Posted: 04 Aug 10

    That was more than flirting!

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  2.   MzJones says:
    Posted: 17 Dec 07

    It was quite obvious that because she went through such lenghts as to change his name to a her then it sounds more like cheating than flirting. Flirting in itself is harmless as long as u r with someone who can accept it and u kno where to draw the line.

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  3.   nanati says:
    Posted: 11 Dec 07

    Better to get someone who meets all your needs and stick on than flirt around.It isn't worth it medically and otherwise.

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  4.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 10 Dec 07

    Flirting is just so much fun!! Hard to give up some innocent flirting.

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  5.   fala says:
    Posted: 22 Nov 07

    Flirting is harmless fun. I love doing it and don't mind if my guy does it too. It makes you feel good, so why not? I mean you're dating - not dead!

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  6.   cocokisses says:
    Posted: 21 Nov 07

    Is flirting worth risking it al for me? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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