Ladies, Stop Dating Men Based on Potential

Posted by Ria, 12 Apr

He aint the perfect boyfriend material right now but he has the potential to be the perfect boyfriend… He aint got his sh** together but he has the potential to get his sh** together...

And guess what, women go out on a limb to date men based on the potential they think the men have and not what they really are. Almost doesn’t count so in this case, potential doesn’t count either.

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Women ought to date men who can take care of them; both financially as well as emotionally. And in today’s world, wanting a man who can provide these things isn’t unreasonable. If anything, a man who can step up and take his place as a provider oozes loads and loads of sex appeal.

It’s quite dangerous to base your relationship on the potential you think a man has. See its not entirely wrong to date a man with potential. Big Q is: What if he doesn’t live up to that potential you so believe he has? If you can live with that, then go ahead and date him.

Well, the problem with dating a man with potential is that it can sometimes blind a woman into seeing red flags that the man isn’t the right fit. Take a man who is about to graduate from Harvard with a Law degree. A woman can decide to date this man because of the great career and financial future this man might have. And this can blind a woman and even make her sweep some things under the rag just because of the great and successful future she has imagined this man will provide.

There is nothing wrong with being with a man who is building himself. But what if you are seeing potential of a bright future in a man who doesn’t see that potential in himself? What if he knows he has the potential, has the goal to achieve this potential but doesn’t take the actual steps towards achieving those goals?

Most women end up in situations where they have invested their time, emotions and their finances assisting the man to realize his goals. So in such a case, the woman becomes trapped in the relationship because as RealGoesRight metaphorically puts it, a woman doesn’t want to leave a slot machine she has put so many coins into for hours on end just for another woman to come and pull the lever once and become the millionaire. So women end feeling they can’t live because they have invested too much. So they sit there and wait… and wait… and wait… hoping the rewards are coming sooner. And they wait in miserable relationships, and wait… because they don’t want another woman to reap where they didn’t sow.

There is the flip slide:

If the man’s got potential and actively works towards achieving greatness, then this is a situation women should consider. If the man whom you think has potential for greatness is taking the necessary steps, then this is a man you can invest in because the odds of him reaching the finish line are way higher.

So don’t base your relationship on potential the man has got. Base it on a man who does what he knows he got to do in order to achieve his potential. What woman doesn’t want to be by the side of man she assisted on his journey to success and actually arrived at that greatness? If you a dating man who is actually doing something to realize his potential, then this is a relationship worth investing in and when you get there, it will be one you will take pride in having been part of.

RealGoesRight concludes:

“Potential means nothing. Potential shouldn’t be judged in a vacuum and it shouldn’t be the only reason to date a man. If a man isn’t doing anything to live up to his potential, it’s an absolutely worthless trait to own. It’s a much smarter decision to date a man who not only has potential, but is actually doing something to realize it.”

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  1.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 17 May 16

    So you're saying women should date the deadbeat dads and join his line up of baby momma's instead of finding a hard working guy with potential to run his own company some day? "There is nothing wrong with being with a man who is building himself. But what if you are seeing potential of a bright future in a man who doesn’t see that potential in himself? " If you care about them enough then guide them to see what they are missing, isn't that part of a relationship? Guide them, support them, love them, and protect them through thick and thin? Where does this site get these writers from, the local Jr HS? Has this writer ever even been on a date? LMAO...

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