Love and Football: Plan a Sports-Themed Road Trip for You and Your Bae

Posted by Ria, 19 Oct

You score big time when you find a partner who is into the same interests as you, especially when those interests involve sports. It doesn't matter if he's a Raiders fan and you're a member of the Chiefs tribe or that you love the Redskins and she's one of those Steelers lunatics (OK, well, it matters, but you've both agreed to disagree). The important thing is that you're both passionate about the same thing. What better way to celebrate your shared interests than a sports-themed road trip? Combining your love of travel, sports and each other, a road trip is just the thing to bring you closer. Here are several steps to follow in planning a successful, sports-centered road trip to ensure your trip goes smoothly and you and your partner do not become rivals in the process.

Map out your route

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First determine how long you are both willing to roll from city to city, state to state and game to game. A realistic, reasonably priced and time-saving plan would be to map your path out in a circle. Start with where you want to end up and work backward. Decide how far you are willing to travel (100 miles, 200 miles, 500 miles?) between each game, and then check the game schedule to see what games are accessible in between your starting and ending points. Don't forget to scan the weekly forecasts in each area, as weather can vary drastically from one zip code to the next.

Buy tickets in advance

It's football season, which means there is going to be cutthroat competition both on and off the field. Tickets go fast, and when you are driving from city to city on your road trip, the last thing you need is to show up for a game only to find it's sold out. Purchase NFL and other sports game tickets ahead of time. To be absolutely sure of their authenticity, it's advisable to purchase tickets at Ticketmaster's Official Ticket Exchange online.

Pack for play

Though the main point of your road trip with your significant other is to watch the games, you'll be spending most of the time in the car, so be sure to pack supplies to make the most of your time together. Appropriate playlists are a necessity on a sports-themed road trip. Start with a list of staple stadium songs that include: ACDC's "Thunderstruck," Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle," "Survivor," "Eye of the Tiger" and the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." These are not just recommendations - these tracks are required. Then, go ahead and add any Kanye or Katie Perry anthems you and your partner can agree on. Also stock up on football snacks: beer nuts, potato chips, jerky and pretzels. A sports-themed road trip is not the time to be counting calories, but if your partner gets on your case, throw some veggie sticks in the mix. Lastly, you need some entertainment. Something like the Trivial Pursuit Sports app is ideal for quizzing each other, building up a friendly competitive vibe and distracting each other from the long hours on the road.

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend with the same case of football fever you have, take advantage of your good fortune. Check your map, buy your tickets, pack up the car and take off on a sports-themed road trip for two.

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