Shocking interracial dating stories from black women

Posted by Ria, 02 Sep

Black women interracial stories and experiences

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Over the years we have been hearing interracial stories detailing the experiences of interracial couples. And some of these stories are shocking, to say the least.

Much as there has been quite an acceptance and a rise in interracial dating, for some reason, people still have racial prejudices within them. So even with this increase in interracial relationships, some people still find them ‘different’. Others can’t stand the sight of these couples. So we still hear people hurling racial insults and hate against these couples.

Well, below are some of the shocking things black women have experienced for being in interracial relationships.

My son does not, and simply cannot, date a 'Negra'

You would think two minorities dating can be easy. Well, it's not. This woman, Nandee, 23, had been dating a half Dominican half Puerto Rican guy. Well, they went to meet the parents, it was quite an uncomfortable time. The father barely said two words during dinner. Then out of the blues, he made one shocking statement to this black lady: "I know you think you're dating my son, but this is going to stop now... my son does not, and simply cannot, date a 'Negra.'"

Well, that statement was shocking even for the dude. The mother intervened, cursing the husband and apologizing to this black woman. It was such an embarrassing moment. Nandee picked her bag, left unceremoniously and told the boyfriend they were done. She cried that night.

Nauseated faces

Dawn 45, had a close, white male friend. And much as their relationship was platonic, other white women still made comments and gave them stares.

Dawn admits that this is the kind of thing that happens in reverse. It’s usually the black women who make these kinds of comments when they see a black man with a white woman. Well apparently, these women would make weird faces at her when they were asking how they met. And she would automatically see the relief on their faces when she told them that they were just friends.

Then came the discouraging comments. They told her they have had he wasn’t good in bed.  Some even worried about the kids they will bear if they were to get married (that they would look like Dawn). And they openly made her feel that the dude could have done better than a black girl interracial dating.

Nipples like Hershey's Kisses

Lauren, 29, dated a Vietnamese man who kept telling her that her nipples resembled Hershey's Kisses. And as if that wasn’t enough salt to injury, his parents hated her for not being Asian. They would make faces and speak Vietnamese right in front of her, telling their son how she wasn’t good enough because she is black. And the dude would later translate these harsh comments later.

Eventually, the relationship ended. But before that, he would make excuses for his parents' comments saying they were just being old and traditional. And this made Lauren question his true intentions saying: “Just because you have accepted their behavior, does that mean some part of you feels that way too?”

Not good enough for a white man

While walking on the streets, a homeless guy approached Brianna, 23, and her boyfriend and asked him what he was doing. He began ranting about how the boyfriend, being white, could have any woman he wanted; that he shouldn’t choose a monkey like her.

Nigga Naps

You would think dating a black-white mixed race person would make things a little easier. Alexis, 23, begs to differ. One time she described her hair as curly to her mixed girlfriend. She went ahead and corrected her immediately asking: “You mean your nigga naps?”. Now, this girl already had curly hair. So when Alexis asked her if she knew the meaning of “nap”, she said it was “black people hair”, referring to her own curly hair as “good hair”.

Bondage on a black girl

Kim, 23, had to break up with this guy coz he kept sending texts which had a bondaged woman in the end. Asking what the meant, the dude said: "I've always wanted to try this on a black girl, I think it would be so hot." Now that’s some fetish and oppression there.

Caving under family pressure

Ashley, 27 had to cut it off with her Persian boyfriend because his family couldn’t accept her simply because she is black. They kept acting as though she was invisible to them. And when his parents called, he would hush her so that they don’t hear her voice. Eventually, the dude broke up with her saying he couldn’t see how their families would lend.

Today, Ashley is in a loving interracial relationship with a man who doesn’t hide her.

We hear some interracial dating stories that are life threatening. Remember the Loving story of Mildred and Richard Loving? This couple was arrested for having gotten married. At the time, black women dating white men was outlawed. The Lovings had to flee their home town of Virginia just so they could have their right to love. And since they knew their right to love, they fought for it. And it’s because of their fight for the right to love that marriages between black people and white people became legal.

Today, there are lesser cases. However, we still hear on the internet how couples get persecuted or even evicted for being interracial. Black women, for instance, have found it quite frustrating when they date men of other races. The community expects them to find men from the black community. And those who don’t are labeled ‘sell-outs’.

Looking at the Bachelorette TV show, much as we had the first Black woman, Rachel Lindsay, being the star, the race issue we Americans face got highlighted. And Lindsay said she felt pressured by the Black community to pick a Black man in the end. Even on such a reality show, the realities of black women dating other races were portrayed clearly.

I wonder why in this age and era, we still get to hear this cringe-worthy interracial stories.

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  1.   Kiwedi says:
    Posted: 22 Feb 21

    Some people are lucky

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  2.   royal57 says:
    Posted: 24 Mar 18

    People.need to but out love comes in all colors and all packages live and let live

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  3. Posted: 08 Dec 17

    I posted earlier about "acceptance", and "naivete". Each one of the stories discussed, I've experienced personally or unconsciously stuck my foot into my mouth. I'm a person of three generations of ethnic diversity... and it ain't easy. People of color can be "bigots" within the African-American community the issue of complexion is STILL a major issue.. the story of " My son does not, and simply cannot, date a 'Negra'" might be an issue of complexion or a colorstruck father; the parents were Dominican and Puerto Rican. The Spanish word for black is Negra or Negro hence the woman my have been a darker hue? "Nipples like Hershey's Kisses" was funny... in my opinion, it seems like the Vietnamese boyfriend was fixated on his girlfriend's complexion, and hershey's nipple comment was meant as a sign of affection or fondness. Interracial dating.. blended families.. and diversity is something that has to be taken cautiously; everyone, and that means your family as well, may not be open to diversity. Perhaps, it's time for diversity to find it's own... San Francisco, and Atlanta are synonymous for LGBT communities why not dating diversity and interracial families???

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  4.   ArbatTales says:
    Posted: 08 Sep 17

    Remember the notable story of the great inventor, Leon Theremin. He married a black woman in 1930s saying that he was Russian and didn't care about stupid American racial prejudice. This marriage crushed his career, and soon he was forced to get back to the USSR and wasted years in Stalin's concentration camps.

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