When your prince/princess turns into a frog

Posted by Ria, 22 Dec

You have been on various dates with this man you love. Its reached the time to take things to the next level. Then you notice some freakish bunch of hair on his tail bone. What would you do? Pack your stuff while he's asleep and leave a note citing irreconcillable differences?

When two people fall in love, they tend to block their partner's bodily imperfections and somehow amplify things that attract them most. But as time goes by, that's when one clocks the strange fingernails or that face on the nose big nose. Well this is the point when all princes and princesses turn into frogs. And you end up asking yourself: "What did I ever see in this person?"

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So how do you confront your partner's physical turn-offs?

I remember a pal of mine had this girl who had dreadfully big unlady-like feet. Lucky for him, he never had to point this out coz she used to make fun of her own feet. She even mentioned severally how she hated going shopping for shoes. Well, not everyone will be as lucky - finding someone who is comfortable with their own flaws.

Its healthy to acknowledge your partner's imperfections but before you point them out, be mature about it. Examine your motives first. Ask yourself: Is it really important to point them out?. If its affecting your sex life or its unhealthy, is there another way of dealing with them? If for example its about one's smelly feet, suggest a pedicure instead of calling someone 'Stinky'. Try bringing up a conversation about body image, admit your insecurities about your own flaws and encourage your partner to talk about theirs. This way, he or she will feel free to talk about them without feeling persecuted.

But much as it is good to be open, how the hell do you point out imperfections that are a sexual turn-off without killing your partner's sexual assertiveness? And do you really know what your partner thinks of your body? Try asking...

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