Much younger women have joined the cub-hunt

Posted by Ria, 03 Jan

Toyboys. Cubs. You know what name you’ve coined for that hot bodied young man you suddenly see kissing deeply with a woman who moments ago you weren’t sure whether she was his mother or much older sister. Many of us have always imagined the women in such relationships to be much much older and the men – well boys – much much younger. Some even think such relationships are creepy, inappropriate and disgusting.

Well, in today’s world, the scenario isn’t just about the woman in her fourties or fifties on the prowl for younger men; even women in their 20s have joined the hunt. Delta Goodrem, 26, Australian singer who signed up to be the judge of Australia's version of The Voice has been dating Nick Jonas, 18, of the Jonas Brothers for the last 8 months.

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The founder of, UK’s top online dating site for women and younger men, Julia Macmillan calls this: "the Justin Bieber effect". This is why she has put the lower age limit of female members at 25 and males at 18 because of the rise in younger women looking for younger men and a complementary abundance of younger men who want to date older women.

(Well, I can back her up on that one coz honestly, these young men born after me are FIIIIINE!!!! And I aint lying but to be honest, they cant help but notice my fine a**! ;-) . Dirty thoughts, please leave my mind!)

Julia feels such relationships are “Far from slightly creepy” because its all about having fun. And if you see the photos, the couples seem to be doing much of that! But let's look at the "Justin Bieber effect" relationships critically:

The 18 year old boy may have just graduated from high school and the woman ... well, she's been working for, say more than 5 years. What will the two be talking about? Woman showing boyfriend how to write a killer CV or telling him how college life is like? Do you think the "Justin Bieber effect" relationships realistically stand a chance?

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  1.   ladydye12 says:
    Posted: 03 Aug 12

    I think it's disgusting but maybe she's trying to get a man who's young and inexperienced with bad relationships and heartache. Maybe she thinks she won't get hurt because he's still in that "innocent puppy love stage". It's hard out here in the dating world because alot of people bring the hurt and pain they experienced in a previous relationship into a new relationship. Not to mention the baggage. And alot of people who been hurt in a previous relationship turn out to be jerks. So maybe she's trying to get 'em young before all this takes place.

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  2. Posted: 15 Jun 12

    I can't judge them for wanting to be together, but I can't see myself dating someone younger than me someday. I have a young brother not that much younger than me haha

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  3. Posted: 10 Jan 12

    I want to be an Actor>

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  4. Posted: 10 Jan 12

    Thay do it for fame I know I my cousin john travolta probbaly did when he was younger.

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  5.   Journee2 says:
    Posted: 08 Jan 12

    The BLIND leading The BLIND...*Shaking My Head*

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