Of sex: What the F are you doing!?

Posted by Ria, 18 Nov

Its not everyday you get to have mind-blowing sex. As a woman, I am sure some of you have found yourselves in situations where all you wanna do while having sex with some guy is text your friends and give them the gory details of how way off he is in the sex department. All you are thinking is: "Dude! What the F are you doing?"

Well, CollegeCandy came up with the 10 most annoying things men do in bed. Here are some of them:

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  • When a woman goes down on you, its rude not to tell her you are about to burst some **** in her mouth. The surprise aint pleasant. A lil’ heads up please.
  • Farting? Seriously? And you expect round two?
  • Asking "Was it good?" Who will ever say no?
  • Some men take a pause in between sex to ask about how your day was. What’s up with that. And in stead of you telling me every move you are about to make, why don’t you just do it? More kissy less chatty!
  • Porn Star Moves? Much as women like some spice into sex, some men forget that not all women are as flexible as the women in porn movies. Forcing a woman's legs behind her neck might leave her wondering if she's the only woman who isn't flexible enough to pull those moves.
  • When going down on a woman, too much tongue in that area isn't appreciated. And in the words of CollegeCandy: "I'm not an ice cream cone." ;-)
  • Please don't surprise a woman with anal sex - by surprise I mean don't try and just slip it in there. Ouch! Big OUCH!

  • The condom breaks and you "Ooops!" A condom breaks and you choose the word "Ooops"? Don't you realize how serious that kinda thing is?

Feel free to share your "What the F..." sex moments. Do men experience such awkward moments? What annoying sex moves has a girl ever pulled on you?

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  1.   inuri says:
    Posted: 26 Nov 12

    Don't try to convince a woman to do anything, if she says no, and you move towards saying oh come on please...she thinks of one thing, assult. And she'll get scared and instinctively hit you. I've accidently punched a man in the stomach, by no means was he that type of guy, but i got scared and imagined the worse.

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  2.   inuri says:
    Posted: 26 Nov 12

    alot of straight men haven't experienced anal, therefore they have this misconception that it is just as hot as the conventional orifice (probably from porn), well it's not, it feels identical to a large crap, but with the added pain of the motions

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