That’s our song

Posted by Ria, 18 Apr

Music … it makes even those in a coma just about to cross over to the other side come back to us. And what a great equalizer when getting to know someone in the early stages of dating. Now I can vouch for that. I must admit I even have a song for the day I lost my you know what … UB40 did it for me. Still rocks my world when some dude is busy rocking my world.

Imagine the number of times you are on a date and a song comes up at the restaurant you are dinning and suddenly, the world comes to a stand still for a moment and before you know it, you have switched the conversation to "You know this song?" or "Remember this song?"

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Now, "What kind of music do you like?" is asked on every dating website in existence, and discussed during first dates. And the humorous thing about music and first dates is the realization of how much of an age gap there is between you and your date … you know (Man that song is soooooooo 60s) :roll: Sometimes you may meet someone who enjoys music like Ambrosia’s "How Much I Feel," and you go “Damn! You weren’t even born yet!᾿.

Thing is most moments you share with people during your dating life end up being linked to some music. And when you hear certain songs, they take you back … way back … for a brief moment or so to those good times (even bad) spent with that special other. And is it a mere coincidence that when going through a breakup, the DJ at your favorite radio station plays EVERY sad, depressing relationship song ever written in a nonstop music block? And for those going through a divorce, that first dance song becomes the newest definition of a one-hit wonder.

Good times or bad times, I think music just does wonders for the dating world … connecting people, breaks the awkward first date moments, and from time to time, it gives that good cry and soothes you to sleep. Now where would this dating world be without music?

So what kind of music reminds you of that someone and why? For me, I told you … UB40’s ‘Here I Am (Come And Take Me)’

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  1.   Snazzybella says:
    Posted: 11 Feb 10

    "Ebony and Ivory"

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  2.   Pia65 says:
    Posted: 24 Sep 08

    We were both into "The Mowtown Sound"...... My late husband loved all the groups ......I just thought it was a coincidence at the time, but when I got home from his funeral/repass...I grabbed a Pepsi from the frig, turned on the radio and laid across my bed.......His favorite group and song came was: "I believe in you and me" by The Four it makes me wonder.......

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  3. Posted: 26 Jun 08

    Maybe I need to go into therapy or something but for some reason..those songs just get to me! lol! you know the "how could you take your love away" or "un-break my heart" "take your cat and leave my sweater" - yeah.. those.. they are just so much fun to sing along to! lol! Now.. when I am intoxicated by Love, songs like "so high" by John Legend or "Mmmm" by Laura Izibor..and "Drive" By Melissa Ferrick tend to be on my playlist everywhere I go!

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  4. Posted: 28 Apr 08

    Kal Ho Na Ho (Hindi song) reminds me of when I first moved to Hyderabad because it was so popular here at the time. Shaggy songs from the 90s (Oh Carolina!) reminds me of hangin' out with friends. Those were the days! Here you come again by Dolly Parton reminds me of my favorite cousin. We were both such fans of Dolly in those days. :) My Sharona has me and my sisters rollin' - as we remember our Haitian Dad happily messin' up the words!

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  5.   blkdiamond says:
    Posted: 26 Apr 08

    Most of the time when I use the word our song it will be for a person that I have either been in a LTR with or me and my child.

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  6.   party1 says:
    Posted: 22 Apr 08

    Most of the time I would say they are MY songs as I hear many other people say.Certain songs are just so motivating or uplifting happy songs that whomever (female) that I am with is who I think of,not necessarily an ex or an old flame etc..Examples of this would be "Close the Door" but the next and final lady perhaps will come in my life and WE will have OUR song!!!!!

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