Till vegan diet do us part

Posted by Ria, 18 Dec

Some people give up certain foods by choice (like a kosher or vegan diet) or necessity (a gluten allergy). So what happens when you fall in love with someone who has dietary restrictions?

She met him online … intriguing profile and vegan. Well, the vegan bit intrigued her coz she found it admirable that someone would choose to live such a restrictive lifestyle. They began dating and she got interested in ‘converting’ to the vegan lifestyle.

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The guy was quite creative when it came to his diet and he introduced her to all kinds of foods she had never tried. "Initially, it seemed like there were limitless possibilities," she said … until they hit the eight vegan restaurants in the city twice. The limitless possibilities she thought there were, suddenly felt a little limiting. "Eating out became kind of a pain, and eating in required quite a bit a prep work in the kitchen—unless we wanted to eat rice pasta every night," she complains.

Then came the meaty cravings. And just like her vegan commitment, her love for her vegan king began to wane as well. Turns out she didn’t have the stomach for a vegan lifestyle or dating someone who did either. Turns out the only thing that bound them was the diet. So they called it quits and she found herself a meat loving man.

When we happen to fall in love with such people, some of us are ready to make the gastronomic adjustments … coz love is more that food. Some of us on the other hand, would NEVER give up our cheeseburgers.

When cupid strikes, most of us don’t consider important things like dining or hygiene could be deal breakers. At that moment of blissful love, who does think that another's dietary restrictions could be an annoyance, or grounds for ending a budding romance?

Would you be willing to make culinary sacrifices for love or you think people should limit their dating to their own food circles? Me, I love my dog that much ... 'hot***' ;-)

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  1.   Lilah says:
    Posted: 01 Jul 10

    theeyes, that's because you're not vegan. Vegans don't cook meat, and being vegan is not about just wanting to have a label like I think you're making it out to be? The lifestyle and ethical feelings are actually written right into the definition, so... if you just don't consume any animal products at all (including the chemical names that are made from animals and their byproducts, etc), that's called "strict vegetarianism". :) Aside from some of the phrasing in honeybee324's post which I find to be rude in ways that are unfair and ignorant and you'd probably only understand if you were vegan and know that all it's about is compassion freedom and caring for not only your own species but others too, and not about feeling superior or any idiocy like that (which is actually the reason I'm vegan, because I DON'T feel I'm superior than other species, or you, and if I did, I still wouldn't eat you or use you for my cosmetics).... .... other than that... I agree that it's a good idea for vegans to date other vegans or people who actually want to go vegan. For many reasons that, once you know that it's not just a diet, should be easy to see. It's a good idea to date people with similar values and ethical views. Unless you're just interested in sex, finances, etc but no real connection. The same goes for animal users, you guys should date other animal users because your value systems are more cohesive with one another.

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  2.   theeyes says:
    Posted: 25 Apr 09

    i am a vegan and have been for 28 years beccause i want to a vegan. it has nothing to do with health or animal rights. i have always dated men who love meat and there has never been a problem. oops, i've forgotten to mention i even cook meat, so there's no problem there either.

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  3. Posted: 13 Apr 09

    As a diabetic, I must restrict my food intake. Its easier for me to go meatless. With that said I must admit that dating someone who isn't close to a vegan diet or low carb can be stressful when going out. Someone who wants to force me to eat that pork chop or rib is not looking out for my best interest. So I am upfront about my diet and drinking habits ( no alcohol either because of the diabetes)and it weeds out the selfish ones.

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  4.   honeybee324 says:
    Posted: 19 Dec 08

    As a vegetarian who maintained a strict vegan diet for about a year (for health reasons), it can be very difficult to date omnivores. I think vegans, especially fundamentalist, dogmatic vegans, should stick to dating other vegans. While I am a strong advocate of plant-based diets (which does not mean meatless), I don't think it's fair to expect your partner to change their diet for you, out of love or anything else. That would be the same thing as asking someone to give up their religious beliefs because you think yours is "better" or more "superior". If you're looking for a wide range of experiences, then dating someone whose dietary lifestyle is different from yours can help you learn more about yourself and what you want in your life, but you have to be clear on where you stand in the longterm. Vegans are not vegetarians - it is not just about food choices, but the entire lifestyle. You have to be aware of so much, not just food production, but the clothes you wear, the skin/haircare products you use, furniture, etc. Plant-based meals have come a long way, and there are many options for satisfying, meatless dishes (that don't even have to involve tofu or fake meat) A vegan lifestyle can be a deal breaker for someone who doesn't want to address the concerns a vegan has. One doesn't have to be right for the other to be wrong, but both should just save themselves the trouble and stick to dating people who match their interests.

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