Breath life into your dying love

Posted by Ria, 29 Oct

Want to resuscitate your dying love affair? Try these simple tips

Once upon a time, there was love, and then came the dream wedding. But now … the inevitable decline into boredom, past sell-by date sex routines and constant wrangling. Even TV shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” or “The King of Queens” can back me up. Its like Hollywood is trying to tell us long-term, committed relationships aren’t sexy at all. And who won’t be convinced when we have the testimony of divorce rate in our country, huh?

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Here is how majority of us see long-term monogamous relationships – cruel and an equivalent to Hell’s punishment. Some relationship therapists however beg to differ. They believe people want their marriages to work … they desperately want the fairy tale love stories of happily ever after. The only problem is they have no freakin’ idea of how. And thing is, the more time passes, the more off-track they become … then comes losing hope and the inevitable happens … Divorce!!!

Well, if you have reached the point of near death of your relationship, I am here to tell you that you can resuscitate dying love affair and fall in love with your spouse again:

Be the change you want to see in your relationship Don’t expect your relationship to change itself miraculously if you don’t effect change yourself. If you are craving for more romance, create that romance. If it’s more love you are seeking, give your spouse more of it. See, it’s amazing what the world can give you, when you give to the world first. So when you show your partner irritability, boredom, bitterness, dissatisfaction… that is exactly what you gonna get in return. So give love, patience an understanding and get love, patience an understanding.

See things through you partner’s eyes Most of the time we get carried away and just look at our relationships only from your point of view. I admit it is tempting. And all you will ever see is the wrongs your partner does. Why not try to see things through your partner’s eyes? Instead of complaining about him not being attentive, ask yourself when the last time was when you went out of your way to be there for him.

Own your 100 percent of the problems in your relationship. If its lack communication, it takes two baby. Accept the fact that you are also contributing to the problems in your relationship. So take a step back and make necessary steps to improve your own behavior.

Initiate sexual contact Most people only sit and complain about their sex lives and do totally nothing to improve them. They just wait for the other person to make the first move. Its time to get out of your shell and initiate sexual contact. I know it can b intimidating especially if you have never done so before but if you realize that initiating sex could be the key to staying together with your partner and stopping the drifting apart, then that should be a good enough nudge.

Much as we hate to admit it, sex is one of the major components in a relationship. It cultivates trust, intimacy and emotional connection, and without it, your relationship will falter.

Say what you want positively Don’t go telling your partner it’s because of him that you don’t feel loved. Instead, tell him you want to feel more loved because he loving you makes you feel like you in heaven. Take the complaint and turn it into a request other than getting sucked into the blame game. This will make your partner be more understanding to your needs as opposed to getting defensive.

If you want to breathe life to your dying relationship or marriage, if you want to rediscover your romance and fall in love your partner again, the only way to go about it is marking it as high priority on your to-do list. Date your partner once more, send the kids off to some place and have time to each other. Always remember, your relationship with your spouse is what will hold the family together do don’t feel guilty about dumping the kids off to granny in a while in order to get your freak on.

Do believe it is possible to rekindle a dying romance?

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  1.   Jacob.Smith says:
    Posted: 28 Apr 09

    Thanks for the article. I knew a lot of these, but there were a few tips I hadn’t really thought about. I hope they help when I try them out!

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  2.   BrownB09 says:
    Posted: 07 Apr 09

    Very good article! If your married you should try to work and keep the union strong.

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  3.   reagan says:
    Posted: 31 Dec 08

    "I doubted the whole thing when I read what you said about being able to advertise on Goggle (of all places!) free.

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  4.   Jabali says:
    Posted: 06 Dec 08

    Interesting article. Very interesting.

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  5.   Pia65 says:
    Posted: 30 Oct 08

    Sailor....I agree with your assessment on this topic!

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  6. Posted: 29 Oct 08

    Wonderful article! I've seen couples redefine their relationships and fall in love again, as well as couples flirting and totally in love after fifty years' marriage. One thing they have in common is doing something for each other, romantically, every day. I think keeping in that frame of mind is key to keeping love alive. Sadly, there's so much focus on both instant gratification and selfish pleasure in both society and especially dating that longterm, selfless pleasure is rarely a concrete focus.

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